Get Help In Writing Your Tribute
It is beyond our ability to write tributes for all of our customers. However we have found there is one key, that if you use it, will make every tribute a success:

Personalize Your Speech or Presentation

You're probably saying to yourself something like "Well duh, that's no big secret. II or "Sure, never heard that before! II or "Gee, how original - give me a break. II

But it's true. Just recall one or two times when this person impacted your life, or your friends or colleagues lives. Then relate the experience in your own words you'll be a hit. And you'll be a hero to everyone, especially the honoree.

It really is that simple. And simple is better. A simple recollection and telling of your experience far surpasses flowery words, trite phrases, and worn-out BS we've all heard too many times.