Promote the Employee Award and Recognition Program

Promote the Employee Award and Recognition Program

The manufacturers or distributors you select for your service awards can usually provide catalog sheets of the merchandise you select at a nominal cost. Or they can supply the artwork for your own communications materials. Whether you choose to use a variety of catalog sheets or other collateral for your own service award booklet, each employee should have a copy.

Consider placing award catalogs in break rooms and other areas where employees congregate. A food manufacturer had little to no budget for promotion so it tried this approach to get people's attention. Sure enough, employees would leaf through the catalog and set their sights on certain merchandise awards. Also consider creating your own in-house communications strategy. At the very least, this packet should include these basic components:

An announcement piece that clearly explains management's philosophy regarding employee recognition incentive programs and service awards. It should also include the program's objectives, length, measurement system and the merchandise awards.

Distribute information via email or in-house mail updating participants' progress, particularly if you're using an attendance program or an incentive with a group of nominees.

At the end of the program, send a congratulatory mailer celebrating the milestone. This should be an impressive notice that can be kept as a memento. Follow up the official notification with an email containing specifics regarding the ceremony and award.

Presentation Is Everything

Service award winners deserve their moment in the spotlight. Show them immediately and in style that the company appreciates their hard work and dedication. Here are some ideas:

Create excitement in the office with an announcement as soon as the award recipients have been determined. If possible, send out a companywide email, including all satellite offices and subsidiaries. Write a short article on each winner and what he or she did to earn the award. Include it in the organization's newsletter and web site.

Clarify exactly what the recipient did to earn the award. Furthermore, during the ceremony explain the importance of the recognition award in terms of its value to the company. Include information on how the winner's behavior supports the program's objectives as well as the well-being of the company overall.

Notify industry publications. For instance, if the award is an annual honor given to an employee who exemplifies behavior important to the company's image, such as excellent customer service, distributing this information helps the entire organization.