Benefits of a Service Award


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Benefits of a Service Award

Management should reward its employees in a multitude of ways on a regular basis. Without consistency, an employee reward and recognition program will wield little influence with workers. In effect, such an employee reward and recognition program must become part of the corporate culture.

When a company recognizes and rewards employees for their dedication and performance, it generates goodwill toward the company and management. This emotional connection to the organization enhances employees' work performance.

Even if people respond in small ways, it all adds up.

In fact, an employee's positive attitude can affect a company's bottom line. According to a recent Gallup Poll, organizations with employees who are pleased with their work life reported customer satisfaction scores 38% higher than those with less satisfied workers. These companies also enjoyed 22% higher productivity ratings and 27% higher profits.

It makes sense that satisfied workers improve a company's performance, but can dissatisfied employees have the opposite effect? Absolutely. Workers who feel unappreciated and ignored by management lose their sense of pride in their work. Gallup estimates these disengaged workers cost employers $292 billion to $355 billion a year. Plus these workers are absent more often and are far less loyal to employers.

Keeping your loyal, talented employees around also insures a high level of customer service, according to a poll by Unifi Network and Roper Starch Worldwide. Of the more than 3,000 consumers surveyed, one in three cited employee turnover as a significant factor in quality of service. Considering more than 60% of respondents were consistently less than satisfied with customer service, keeping your best people is of paramount importance.