Bulova Grandfather Clock Shipping

The renowned and respected Bekins Company was specially chosen and trained for the transportation, delivery and setting up of all the Bulova Grandfather Clocks. Nearly as old as the Bulova Corporation itself, Bekins has been America�s most trusted moving company for over 100 years.

You will not be left with a problem! You will not be left with an insurance claim against a third party shipper! Only after your grandfather clock has been built to the exacting specifications of the master cabinet maker � only after the Hermle movement has been installed and thoroughly tested to the satisfaction of the chief technician, do Bekins take delivery from the Bulova workshops in Canada.

Bekins will transport the grandfather clock to your shipping address, will carry the clock up a total of two flights of stairs, and then set up the clock and remove all packaging materials. If you have any problems, please call us directly before you sign off on the delivery and we will take care of it.