Bulova Grandfather Clock Assembly Process
All Bulova grandfather clocks are made out of one of three high quality woods: Pennsylvania cherry, American red oak, or maple. The wood selection process and the multi-step preparations that occur at the factory ensure that the characteristics of the real wood are exposed. The final product is, without exception, the caliber expected of hand-made quality, showcasing the beauty of an authentic product. Bulova clocks are truly handassembled, one at a time, with the final steps completed by one cabinetmaker. The techniques used to obtain the Bulova clock cabinet finishes, as well as hardware accessory and movement installation, are accomplished through a multi-step process applied to one clock at a time, not in an assembly-line fashion. As you can see, Bulova clocks are created with traditional craftsmanship dedicated to the art of cabinetmaking. Each finely assembled grandfather clock leaving the Bulova factory is testament to this.