Bulova Grandfather Clock Movement
The Hermle Clock Movement

We decided to put the Hermle German movement into our grandfather clocks because of the superior quality, accuracy and reliability of this design.

The construction and layout of these movements represents one of the best designs of any wall, mantel or floor clock movement that we�ve seen.

For example, the movement bearings are harder-wearing than most other clock bearings (pivots) in the industry. An independent test revealed that the wear from the Hermie pivots was less, without lubrication, over a ten year period, than the wear on regular pivots over a six year period, with lubrication. Of course, in production we oil all the pivots.

In consumer retail surveys in Germany, the reliability of these movements has been demonstrated to be 7 to 8 times better than the movements fitted to competitor clocks.

The high technology assembly process for parts and movements requires that the components be manufactured to a very high tolerance � each similar part has to be exactly the same as the next. The result is a far superior movement than would be achieved by any manufacture processes relying on hand assembly, still common in the clock industry today. These Hermle movements are also extremely easy to service (yes these superior hand-built Bulova grandfather clocks should be serviced at regular intervals) with very little for the clock technician to have to take apart.

Your Bulova grandfather clock and Hermle movement are both custom made to order. The production planning is extremely accurate and therefore, movements are not built for stock. We always say that clock movements do not become better from lying around in a warehouse!