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Bulova's place in American history
Founded by a Czech immigrant in New York in 1875, Joseph Bulova became the creator of a legacy that would one day help put a man on the moon. Bulova clocks was the first to design components to such exacting specifications that they could be interchanged one with another, thus streamlining the way in which clocks are serviced today.

Bulova clocks created Accutron, the most accurate clocks and watches of their day, the first of the electronic clocks. This advance in clock technology, resembling a tuning fork, is the emblem still used today by Bulova clocks to represent the American innovation that Bulova clocks brought to an old world industry.

Bulova clocks, is still a wholly owned and operated American company. From the standardization of components to the first true breakthrough in timekeeping technology since the pendulum clock, Bulova clocks is a leader in its industry.

While still retaining the esthetic qualities of fine ornaments, Bulova clocks continues to create modern masterpieces for the timekeepers of the New World.

Bulova clocks, the symbol of America, one could be yours today at this, the only complete store of Bulova clocks on the web.