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Watch Band Doohickey

Some people call it a watch strap link removal tool, a watch bracelet link removal kit, others call it a watch sizing tool. We weren't sure what to call it, so it's just a Doohickey. We're positive it isn't a thing-a-ma-jig.

Whatever you call it . . . you need one. Why? Doesn't matter. Our Doohickey is so neat you need one for just that reason. When people (like your wife) ask what your Doohickey does, tell them you can easily adjust the size of any metal watch band to fit your wrist.

And, when people ask you "How do I take a link out of my watch strap?", you simply reply "I'll do it with my Doohickey!".

In fact, you too can be a hero to anyone with a metal watch band that needs adjusting. Your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even your brother-in-law will be in awe of your command of their wrist.

Fortunately it works quickly so you don't have to put up with your in-laws too long.

There are just five easy steps to re-sizing your watchband:

1. simply rest your watchband upright in the Doohickey's cradle,

2. line up the Doohickey plunger with the watchband retaining pin,

3. gently push the Doohickey handle to release the pin.

4. Try your watch on, adding or removing links,

5. re-insert the pin.

Simple! And you don't have to mess with needles, paper clips, or other tools of destruction that can scratch your watchband and cause you great frustration.

People, without a Doohickey, have thrown their watches across the room out of frustration. Don't give in to temper tantrums. . . retain your composure, save your watch and your marriage! Order a Doohickey today.

Only $29.95 + $4.95 shipping. Includes an extra plunger that stores inside the handle.

Spare Pins.

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